PSG ready to sell Mbappe to Madrid?

The shocking news just happened, where the French Ligue 1 champions, Paris Saint Germain issued a signal that they would release Kylian Mbappe in the upcoming 2019 summer transfer market. This signal leads to the stronghold of Real Madrid which are truly ready in financial terms, and PSG is claimed to propose several conditions in the Mbappe process.

Mbappe has joined PSG for two seasons, where in that period the player has progressed and the aura of stardom is bigger. Not only successful at club level, but he also successfully brought the French National Team as the 2018 World Cup’s champion.

Observing in detail, it turns out that the Madrid side has been captivated by the Mbappe’s action since at AS Monaco. They claimed to be ready to pour super large funds if PSG wanted to release one of the world’s best young players.

Although they ready to release Mbappe, but PSG hopes that all the requirements can be met and then Mbappe is ready to be marketed. So far, PSG only wants to release Mbappe if it has got a new attacker.

Right now, Mbappe is still the backbone of PSG in looking for additional Ligue 1 and European points. Its presence is increasingly expected because for now Mbappe must fight alone because Neymar and Cavani are still in the process of healing injuries.

PSG are ready to find a replacement for Mbappe in the form of Antoine Griezmann. When they can get Atletico Madrid fighters, then PSG is willing to release Mbappe to the Santiago Bernabeu. If you see PSG’s chances of gaining Griezmann, then their path is wide enough.

It was stated that Griezmann was bored with Atletico Madrid’s development and was ready to look for a new atmosphere with more visible challenges. The stronger Griezmann’s desire to leave is because he failed to advance far and feels like a curse for failing in the Champions League.

If you look at the great opportunities PSG is getting for trying to get Griezmann’s signature, they are required to prepare super-high funds as the player has just signed a long-term contract at Atletico Madrid.

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