PSG WAGs vs. MU WAGs, who is the prettiest?

The Leg 1 of the Champions League last 16 was officially opened last week, the opening match was opened with a super big match which brought Ligue 1 French bidding, Paris Saint Germain vs. Manchester United.

The match which was held at Old Trafford had to invite sadness for the host camp, where they had to recognize the superiority of Kylian Mbappe cs with a landslide score of 2-0. With this defeat, the chance for the Red Devils to advance to the next round is even more difficult because they will play at home to PSG next March.

Apart from the results of the match, there are things that are more interesting and certainly tempting the eyes of men. Where some of the two star players both invited their wives and lovers to watch the super hot match directly to the stadium as a form of support.

Based on existing records, here are 2 beautiful WAGs from each team caught on camera coming directly to Old Trafford:


Edurne Garcia, wife of David De Gea

Edurne Garcia is arguably the last goal for Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea. Both of these couples have officially been dating since 2010, where until now both of them still look intimate without the burden of gossip.

On her career, Edurne is known as the top Spanish artist. She had participated in several world-renowned music events, and one of them was the Eurovision Song contest in 2015. In the contest, Edurne was only able to finish 21st with the song Amanecer.

The process of finding her identity, finally decided Edurne to move to England with the intention of being able to always be close to De Gea, who wasalready her husband in 2017.


Melanie Da Cruz, girlfriend of Anthony Martial

Having a lover of a famous artist like Anthony Martial is very lucky. He so far still looks close to Melanie Da Cruz, who is the star of the British Reality TV.

On the journey of romance the two couples are known to be quite unique, where Martial had to divorce his first wife, Samantha Jacquelinet, by choosing Melanie Da Cruz as her new heart support.

The relationship between the two partners is getting hotter when blessed with a son named Swan who was born in the early summer of 2018. As a form of love for the child, Martial had to leave Manchester United’s pre-season tour in the United States.


Lena Stiffel, girlfriend of Julian Draxler

Julian Draxler became one of the players expected by the Paris Saint Germain on a mission to dismantle Manchester United’s defenses. Hope was brought with anxious hearts, because the player was not in his best condition after returning from injury.

But who would have thought if the player was able to answer all those beliefs by becoming an actor in the 2 goals of PSG. One interesting thing here is the form of Draxler’s impressive appearance not separated from the figure of a beautiful woman named Lena Stiffel, who was present at Old Trafford.

Stiffel herself is known as a fan of the man’s favorite sport. One clear proof is when she was always present at the 2018 Russia World Cup yesterday to support the German National Team.


Alicia Aylies, girlfriend of Kylian Mbappe

Alicia Aylies could be one of the happiest figures, because her lover Kylian Mbappe was able to score a winning goal for her team. All eyes were on Alicia Aylies, because the figure of this beautiful, blonde woman rarely appeared in public.

Alicia Aylies is also known as a big supporter of Paris Saint Germain, where she was almost never absent when the proud team of Parisians played. So far, Alicia Aylies is known as France’s top model.

Her best achievement was chosen as Miss France 2017. Not only a model, Alicia Aylies is also known as an active student because until now she is still studying constitutional law in France.

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