PUBG Mobile officially blocked, Indian professional players lost their “future”

As of September 2, 2020, the Government of India has banned more than one hundred Chinese-made applications and games from their country. One of the games banned by the Government of India is PUBG Mobile.

Due to the blockade, it is clear that many casual and professional players should be left confused without any meaningful solutions.

One of them is Rishabh Katoch who is part of the “Encore” team. He is a former Megastars player in the PUBG Mobile team from India who had competed in PUBG Mobile World League East some time ago.

As a result of the ban, Megastars, known as the organization that houses Encore and others, had to be disbanded. Encore then told of his complaints through the video he uploaded on IGTV.

Rishabh Katoch said that he and his team seemed to have lost their way after the blockade, confused about what to do in the future.

“I, my team, including the coaches feel lost about what we have to do in the future.” said the player.

Rishabh himself has gone through an uphill battle to be able to convince his family and people around him to be willing to support him to work as a gamer.

The reason is, this profession is quite taboo for the family and does not have a clear future. Now, that hard struggle can be said to have ended in vain.

“Right now, I don’t know what I’ll do in the future,” said Encore, again.

Actually, in India itself there are many gamers who survive by streaming, whether on Facebook or on YouTube. However, Rishabh couldn’t do it, because he didn’t have the proper equipment.

“I’m too busy practicing so I don’t really focus on broadcasting because I don’t have that much equipment.” He said.

He also hopes that in the future a solution will be found, as PUBG Corp is also working to make their games enjoy by the community in India.

Reportedly, PUBG Corp will leave Tencent as the game publisher from China.

“We’ll see how in the future,” he said to close the video.

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