Pure and innocent looks, friends get shocked Syiva Angel taking drugs

Diora Dior, a close friend of Syiva Angel, admitted that she was shocked and did not expect the beautiful YouTuber and Celebgram to be using drugs. This is because as far as she knows, Syiva is pure and innocent.

Syiva Angel has indeed been arrested by the authorities because of the Narcotics abuse case on Monday (26/01).

Many netizens were shocked and did not expect that the beautiful celebrity and YouTuber figures turned out to be drug users. In fact, her best friend, Diora Dior, said she was shocked to hear the news.

The reason is, while getting to know this 23-year-old woman, Diora saw an innocent woman.

“I never thought because from her innocent and pure looks, she didn’t seem to be using drugs. I was really surprised to swear. I was really shocked to hear that,” Diora told detik.com.

Diora Dior then assumed that her best friend might just fall into and be tempted to try to use drugs. In other words, she was sure that Syiva Angel was not an addict.

“She is an innocent, shy, homely child. Maybe she was carried away by the environment, finally she tried. If she is addicted, she is not like that,” said Diora.

While spending time chatting with Syiva, Diora admitted to having discussed the problem of drinking alcohol, but Syiva herself rarely drank this liquor.

“Mostly we discussed about alcohol drinking. As far as I know, she is also not a drinking addict. She makes content every day. She really doesn’t look like a night girl. She works very hard every day,” said Diora.

It should be noted beforehand, Syiva Angel was arrested by the Denpasar Police, Bali, on January 26, 2021. At that time Syiva was caught consuming a new type of drug weighing 1.90 grams with her three friends.

For this case, Syiva Angel was subject to Article 112 paragraph 1 of RI Law Number 35 of 2009 concerning Narcotics with the threat of a minimum prison sentence of four years and a maximum of 12 years, and a fine of IDR 800 million to IDR 8 billion.

Syiva herself is known as a YouTuber and celebgram figure, who is quite popular among men.

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