Put high alert on these 5 rainy-day animals

Rainy season is indeed the season that some people have been waiting for, because besides being good for improving soil quality and also fertilizing plants, the rainy season also brings cold weather which makes people more excited to go through the day. Many positive things come during the rainy season, but along with them there are also many negative things.

For example, the following five animals that usually appear during the rainy season, and their appearance should be watched out for carrying serious illness.


Snakes are one of the wild animals that usually breed in the rainy season, it’s no wonder lately many natural phenomena appear in some areas, where many snake babies are found in residential areas.
Dangerous snakes are poisonous snakes like the Cobra Type. Affected by poison or Cobra can make us feel suffocated, convulsions even to death. Be aware of the presence of these snakes in your home by routinely cleaning all parts of the house and chase away the rats or frogs that are eating the Snake.


Having a mouse urinate in an open wound can make a person have a fever and high heat. Because, in rat urine there is a content of leptospires and when exposed to open wounds trigger leptospirosis disorders.
In addition, the bacteria in the rat’s body are very diverse and numerous, if accidentally touched by food, then we consume these foods, diseases such as diarrhea and typhus can afflict us.


Actually, Cockroaches are versatile animals, can live and breed in the summer and rainy season. But their presence is usually more in the rainy season, because they will seek shelter to our homes.
Cockroaches carry bacteria that can land on our food, triggering diarrhea to typhus.


Food infested by flies triggers diarrhea or dysentery because flies are vectors or bacteria carriers. Once he landed, he had moved thousands of bacteria. The easiest way is to close the food so that it does not infest flies.


Mosquitoes also tend to breed in the rainy season, there are many types of mosquitoes, but dangerous and often found in Indonesia are dengue fever mosquitoes. Clean the bathroom tub regularly, and bury items that can hold rain water.

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