Rachel Florencia, from being called as online wife till been teased by celebrities

Rachel Florencia’s name may sound familiar, because she is not a celebrity, but a celebrity who is also known as Wibu. Please note, Wibu itself is a nickname for people who like everything about Japan.

Well, recently Rachel was invited by Deddy Corbuzier to be a guest star in the podcast on Youtube Channel owned by Azka Corbuzier’s father.

Well, in some of his narrations in the Podcast, as a Wibu, it turns out that Rachel Florencia succeeded in making netizens fantasize. Because of her beauty and sexy body, Rachel is often dubbed their online wife.

Although she didn’t feel uncomfortable with this, Rachel admitted that there was no intention to go there, because she only uploaded photos and videos like other Instagram users.

“All my followers consider me their wife. Online wife. Don’t know they call me that. I don’t know, even though I’m just like watching TikTok videos and just ordinary photos, just don’t know they call their wives, “Rachel said.

Interestingly, not a few also teasing Rachel as small girl. The nickname is usually given to those anime lovers who are considered to have no social life outside the home.

“Wibu likes to be teased by no life and arguably smells of onions. People are really bad, you know, because wibu is identical with no life, the job is watching anime, not bathing. I have a life I still have, I still have social live, I have a boyfriend,” she said.

Surprisingly, on Instagram there are many men who launch mode to Rachel, ranging from dirty messages, and some even tease her by sending obscene pictures. Interestingly, not a few who send messages like that come from outside Indonesia.

“Wow, very often. (Dirty DM) Wow, man. Arabs, Indians on contact. DM I’m the one to answer, but if that’s the case I don’t answer. Like they sent their photo (male genitalia), “Rachel said.

Interestingly there are also several other public figures who try to tempt Rachel with various modes.

“There are quite a lot anyway I started to rise. There are lots of verified ones, blue check starts to show what flirting. (Flirting) Answer a story like emoticons, how really exasperated, so beautiful, “Rachel said.

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