Raffi Ahmad funded college of his ‘twin’ who is a meatball seller

Social Media was excited about the figure of Dimas Ramadhan, a meatball trader in the West Jakarta area. Dimas went viral because he was considered to have similarities with Indonesia’s top celebrities, Raffi Ahmad.

The beginning of the name Dimas Ramadhan became excited when a netizen uploaded a video of himself selling meatballs. The video uploaded on Instagram immediately went viral.

The video uploader wrote in the caption that the meatball seller, known as Dimas Ramadhan, has a similar face to Raffi Ahmad. Interestingly, netizens who commented agree with this assumption.

It didn’t take long after his name was viral, Dimas Ramadhan was then invited by Raffi Ahmad to be a guest star on the YouTube channel belonging to the husband of Nagita Slavina.

So, after fulfilling the invitation, in the interview, Dimas admitted that he would be funded by Raffi Ahmad.

“Raffi was also told to go to college. He was the one who paid it,” said Dimas Ramadhan.

Obviously Raffi Ahmad’s offer was unwilling to be rejected by Dimas, it’s just that he really can’t choose the university to study at. Regarding the department, Raffi Ahmad fully handed over to Dimas Ramadhan.

“It is determined by Raffi. But for the major it is up to me. I want Japanese literature,” he said.

Raffi Ahmad’s generosity did not end there, he even bought new shoes for Dimas Ramadhan. It’s just that Dimas doesn’t know how much the shoes Raffi bought.

“I was given shoes to Raffi. I don’t know, I didn’t ask, the price is definitely expensive,” he said.

Next, Dimas Ramadhan talked about the opportunity to become an artist, remembering his name and face that have gone viral among netizens.

If asked to choose, Dimas admits that he wants to focus on studying first, but he will not refuse if there is an offer to be a guest star on a television show or play a role in a soap opera.

“I want to be an artist, but want to focus on studying first. But if someone offers, take it,” said Dimas.

In fact, Dimas Ramadhan is not the only man who has the same face as Raffi Ahmad. Several years ago he also appeared on a television show, but it was not viral like Dimas.

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