Ramos asks Madrid set to appeal for his red card

Captain and Real Madrid mainstay defender, Sergio Ramos still did not receive a red card he got in the match against Manchester City last week. He then asked Los Blancos set to appeal.

Real Madrid faced Manchester City in the first leg of the last 16 of the European Champions League a week ago. In the match, Los Blancos who played as the host finally defeated with a final score of 1-2.

The defeat was considered normal, because the troops Zinedine Zidane had played with only 10 people after a red card received by Sergio Ramos.

The Spaniard got a red card after dropping Gabriel Jesus in the forbidden box. The referee considers Ramos’s physical contact with Jesus to be quite heavy, moreover he was the last player the player faced before the goalkeeper.

However, Sergio Ramos claims that it is only a minimal touch.

“For me, in that incident there was only minimal touch,” Ramos was quoted by Sportsmole.

Yes, the captain still didn’t receive the red card he got in the match. Therefore, Ramos asked Real Madrid to appeal. The goal is to be able to play in the second leg match.

“I think there is an opportunity for us to appeal, and I personally want the club to appeal. We will try any options so that I can play in the match,” he said.

The second leg will be crucial for Real Madrid. Because, they are in a position behind 1-2 and will play at Etihad in the second meeting.

No wonder Ramos really wants to help his team in the party later in order to win tickets to the quarter-finals. However, Ramos himself is pessimistic that the appeal will be granted.

“The criteria for appeals are indeed relatively relative, some of the appeals are granted and some are not. That’s football and you can’t step back. But I personally think it would be very fun playing in that match,” he said.

Meanwhile, the second leg match will take place on March 17, 2020. Madrid need to win by a two-goal margin to advance to the quarter-finals.

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