Rarely appears on camera, Lucas Moura confides about his sexy wife

Larissa Saad has proven to have many followers on various social media accounts. Thanks to the posts that are interesting and clearly different from the others, the post of this woman on Instagram successfully attracted 180,000 followers. This status reinforces Lucas Moura’s recognition that his wife is more famous than he is.

From hundreds thousands of followers, many are curious about the daily life of Saad and Lucas Moura, in the sense that they are curious about the lives of the two couples’ privacy. One fan action that was quite interesting was when he called Saad similar to Kendall Jenner.

In her private life full of questions, Saad is known to be born in the Brazilian city of Sao Paolo. The Lebanese blood flowing in the 27-year-old woman made her face so similar to Arabs and even Europeans.

The story of Saad’s romance with Lucas Moura began to be seen since 2015, they formalized their love relationship through a football club event. When dissecting deeper, both of them have known each other for a long time, exactly since school time.

Starting from the status as a friend, Saad and Lucas Moura underwent the story for four years before marriage. Deeper they were introduced by Thiago Nicacio, who was anxious near Lucas Moura who works as a lawyer in the city of Paris, France.

Saad not only exists on social media, but she also has a permanent job known to be a gossip presenter in Brazil. Not only has a beautiful face and also a sexy body shape, Saad is also known to be very intelligent, and that was proven after completing a business degree.

Even though, there is a success, Saad is far from public media. She rarely conducts interviews or photographs, and prefers to maintain her personal life. But slowly began to unfold when in an interview at Brazil Gshow, Lucas Moura claimed that his wife was a chatterbox which meant someone who likes to talk or talk a lot.

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