Real Madrid deny doping allegations of Sergio Ramos

The Spanish La Liga giant, Real Madrid, flatly deny the accusations that have recently been filed by German media, Der Spiegel, regarding the results of the captain’s doping test and their flagship defender, Sergio Ramos. In his accusation, Der Spiegel said that Ramos did not pass the doping test, but UEFA seemed to obscure the results from the public, but the Real Madrid side later denied the accusation.

In fact, the issue of doping use among the top of European players has long been unheard, there hasn’t even been such a case for the past two decades in the European Champions League. However, who would have thought recently that German media Der Spiegel accused the Spanish National Team defender, Sergio Ramos of not actually passing the pre-match testing of the European Champions League final against Liverpool.

At that time, Ramos who played for Real Madrid did appear from the first minute of the match, even the concerned was also highlighted in connection with the incident of Mohamed’s injury was wrong in the middle of the first half, and the incidents of elbow against goalkeeper, Loris Karius. Not only that, Ramos also contributed to the success of Real Madrid winning the European Champions League title, after a landslide victory 4-1 over Marseyside.

However, der Spiegel pointed out that in fact the Spanish National Team captain used doping before the match began, where he was shown to have failed a doping test two hours before the match. However, it is also believed that UEFA deliberately covered the results of the 30-year-old player’s doping test. However, what was accused by Der Spiegel immediately received a rebuttal from the Real Madrid side.

“Regarding the information published by Der Spiegel referring to our captain Sergio Ramos, the club stated as follows: Sergio Ramos has never violated anti-doping regulations.”

“UEFA requests information in a timely manner and closes this case immediately, as usual in cases like this, after verification by experts from the World Anti-Doping Agency, AMA and UEFA itself. Regarding the remaining content from the publications mentioned earlier, the club will not discuss evidence of such substantial accusations,” quoted from an official statement from Real Madrid.

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