Real Madrid finally released the selling price of Gareth Bale

Speculation about the future of Gareth Bale with Real Madrid is increasingly attracting attention. This latest, the EL Real said they were very ready to release the player in this summer’s transfer market, they even already prepared the selling price of the former Tottenham player.

Bale’s sales plan is not without any reason, Madrid plan to use the money as additional funds to bring in new players, and they consider Bale’s contribution is far from good.

This season was a challenging season for Bale, where he was challenged to replace the role of Cristiano Ronaldo who moved to Juventus. But instead of replacing Ronaldo, Bale’s performance was far from expectations.

This situation was further aggravated when Bale was no longer in the heart of Madrid lovers. Moreover, his figure entered as an easily injured player, and as a result Bale’s appearance on the pitch was inconsistent and tended to decline.

Investigating, EL Real ready to release Bale with 130 million Euros. Prices are not cheap for players like Bale, but are still a consideration to see the current situation. Apart from that, Manchester United are still a figure who is interested in accommodating the player, because they need a player with a winger position.

The possibility of moving to Old Trafford is very possible, where Madrid are interested in the exchange process on behalf of Paul Pogba as a substitute for Bale’s expensive transfer value, which means the Red Devils do not need to pour large funds.

The more likely Bale will leave because of the Zinedine Zidane factor, who returned to being a coach. There came a rumor saying if the reason Bale left the Santiago Bernabeu was Zidane, as he had been chaotic because he wanted to become a core player.

Bale wants to continue to be a core player, but Zidane cannot provide the guarantee. Many reasons mention if Zidane does not provide certainty because Bale’s condition is not good, and there are still many players who are more suitable to fill the position.

“Let’s see, Bale is a Real Madrid player, with the remaining two years on his contract,” said Zidane.

If you dissect Zidane’s comments, there is no guarantee that 100 percent Bale will survive. The French coach also guarantees that he will make a reshuffle for next season, Bale is likely to become a victim of Zidane ready to sell.

This season was a bad season for Madrid and Bale, where Madrid failed to win a title this season after failing in the Champions League, Copa Del Rey, and the last Spanish La Liga which was far from the competition for the title from Barcelona.

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