Real Madrid have prepared Ferland Mendy’s medical test schedule

Real Madrid continue to show strength in the matter of hijacking players in the transfer market. When finished with transfer Eden Hazard from Chelsea, now the latest news says if they are a step closer to getting the signature of potential Lyon defender, Ferland Mendy.

So far, Real Madrid were preparing a medical test schedule for Mendy. If all goes well, then the final process is the certainty of the player signing a five-season contract, that claimed to have been prepared by EL Real.

Mendy’s figure became a hot topic in Madrid’s efforts to revive his name in Spanish and European football. Mendy was so expected by Madrid, because he has great potential to replace Marcelo’s position, who is getting older.

Some rumors said Madrid will introduce Mendy at this weekend, but Lyon denied the news that the player was still their legal property and Madrid were declared not in favor of Mendy.

Amid the big question mark who is right, but the news circulating now is that Madrid is preparing to complete all the transfer process of this 23-year-old player. The first step is to do a medical test, Madrid want to know the health condition of Mendy.

Indeed the development traced the results of tests that had been carried out by Mendy in France, the results of which had been submitted to Madrid to be analyzed more deeply by interested parties. Investigated, the results of the medical test showed there is a problem at Mendy’s waist.

For the results, Madrid asked Mendy to fly to the Santiago Bernabeu to be tested on their own. When dissecting Madrid’s attitude, they must have reached an agreement with Lyon and got the medical results they wanted.

Deeper explained that Madrid have successfully lured Mendy with a transfer value of 55 million Euros with a five-season contract duration. Apart from all that, Madrid also predicted will introduce Mendy when the results of his medical test were in line with expectations, with no problems in the player’s condition.

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