Real Madrid now are the biggest club in the world

Real Madrid is recognized by the world as the biggest club in the world today. Following in the footsteps of earlier recognition, this time the acknowledgment came from France Football, which is a major media sponsor of the Ballon d’Or award.

From the results of his survey, EL Real succeeded in surpassing Barcelona which was ranked second, and Manchester United in number three. The results represent the February edition of France Football by releasing a list of the 30 best clubs in the world.

Team France represents the analysis of players, television viewers, followers on social media, average stadium attendance, income, expenses, market value and the club’s historical interests. 85 of their clubs are analyzed based on existing categories, and they narrow down as the 30 biggest clubs in the world.

Real Madrid is back as the biggest club in the world, with 184 points. They managed to surpass Barcelona with 177 points. The following complete data is below:

1. Real Madrid (184 points)
2. Barcelona (177 points)
3. Manchester United (151 points)
4. Bayern Munich (135 points)
5. Liverpool (120 points)
6. Juventus (107 points)
7. Paris Saint-Germain (94 points)
8. Chelsea (91 points)
9. Manchester City (89 points)
10. Arsenal (88 points)

If you look at this position, you can say that all the clubs are from the European League. If it is concluded that European clubs still serve as clubs that inherit a great history with many awards, in that sense they become the mecca and dream of all professional players to be able to have a career there.

It is interesting to dissect again when the Premier League club is still in the top 10 even though they are lacking in European titles and even the world. Just say there are names Manchester United and Liverpool who managed to be comfortable there.

Naturally, if the name Liverpool included in the top 10 list, because in this season they appear very fierce. The lucky thing here is the Red Devils, where they have a history of 27 years Sir Alex Ferguson’s training period.

Apart from all that, the English Premier League club still managed to outperform the big Italian Serie A clubs such as AC Milan and other European clubs such as, Ajax Amsterdam, Celtic, Atletico Madrid and Borussia Dortmund.

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