Real Madrid offering help against Coronavirus

Spanish La Liga giant, Real Madrid insists in being one of the front guard in the line of war against the Coronavirus Outbreak or COVID-19 which is currently sweeping Spain.

The outbreak of COVID-19 is increasingly worrying, some developed countries in Europe are beginning to feel the great impact of the virus. Italy has been the worst so far, even number two after China, where the virus originated.

Spain itself is also quite critical. Until this news was revealed, a total of more than 35 thousand positive cases of Corona appeared in the State of Matador. Ironically, there are more than 2300 people who have died.

Not surprisingly, this situation made the Spanish government immediately implement a policy by locking down their entire region. Of course, the aim is that the spread of the Corona Virus will not intensify.

Currently, the Spanish community is struggling hard to fight the Corona virus. Real Madrid players, both football and basketball, underwent independent quarantine after one member of the basketball team, Trey Thompkins, tested positive for infection.

Even though they are isolating themselves, the fact is that Los Blancos players continue to contribute directly to the battle against this Virus.

Because the situation in Spain is the same as in Indonesia. They were faced with this plague, the medical staff lacked personal protective equipment such as masks, hand sanitizers and so on. On the one hand, the Society was also hit by the Economic crisis as a result of Lockdown.

Real Madrid want to do everything they can, in the midst of the crisis facing the people of Spain. However, the club hasn’t explained the details of the assistance as to what they will do.

What is clear is that the Spanish La Liga competition is currently being suspended, or postponed until an undetermined time. As long as the competition is still postponed and the Corona outbreak will never subside, Real Madrid players will continue to undergo training sessions at each home individually.

The club also urges players to protect themselves and comply with government regulations. By not leaving the house, they were also asked to maintain mental health during quarantine. Moreover, there are 4 Valencia players who reportedly have been infected by this virus.

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