Real Madrid urged to give a lifetime contract to Sergio Ramos

Jose Antonio Camacho, a former Real Madrid coach, was quite annoyed by the fact that until now his former club has never given a new contract to Sergio Ramos. In fact, according to him the Captain deserves a lifetime contract.

Sergio Ramos, 33, deserves to be considered one of the best defenders in the club’s history, because of the contributions made so far. Since joining the club in 2005, Sergio Ramos has given 21 Real Madrid titles, 4 of which are Champions League titles.

In addition, Ramos is not only good at guarding Real Madrid’s defense, but also often becomes a crucial player. For example in the European Champions League final in 2014, when Ramos successfully thwarted the defeat of Real Madrid from Atletico through his goal in the final minutes.

Therefore, it is unfortunate the fact that the defender now has only one year of contract left at Real Madrid.

Los Blancos itself is believed to have a policy regarding contracts to players over the age of 30 years, where they will only give a new contract duration of one year. This was then unfortunate by Camacho.

According to him, Sergio Ramos is very worthy of getting a new contract. Therefore he is urging Madrid to immediately give a contract with a lifetime duration, instead of just one season to Ramos.

“Sergio Ramos is a unique player in football. If I will give him a lifetime contract, “Camacho said as quoted by Marca.

Of course the club will consider this, but in recent years they have indeed taken preventive measures by recruiting young players. For example, they brought Ferland Mendy, who is believed to be Marcelo’s successor.

Camacho considers Ferland Mendy to be a potential defender who could be a mainstay in the future. Only, he felt that at this time Real Madrid could still count on Marcelo.

“He is a good buy for Real Madrid, although he still has Marcelo. He still has to wait, but he’s a player with a good future. He will be an important part of the Real Madrid squad. ” He said.

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