Real Madrid’s opportunities to break records in La Liga this season

Real Madrid in the 2019-2020 season tried to forget all the bitter memories of last season. Now they are building power to successfully bring in new players in the 2019 summer transfer window yesterday. Noted total EL Real has poured funds of 300 million Euros for spending world-class star players.

One of the most striking players is Eden Hazard who was imported from Chelsea with a tag of 100 million Euros. The presence of the Blues star is expected to replace the role of Cristiano Ronaldo who moved to Juventus last season.

Speaking of this season, then Madrid’s early paths are pretty good. They managed to gain several victories including victory in the first week against Celta Vigo with a score of 3-1. Great expectations from Madrid fans that the figure of Zinedine Zidane can bring back the greatness of the team to the world stage.

With new players present, Madrid are faced with three chances of breaking new records in the Spanish La Liga this season. Here are the record opportunities listed below:

1. Highest points in a season

Real Madrid is one of the teams that have broken the record to win the most points in a La Liga season. This status was in the 2011-2012 season, when EL Real was taken care of by Jose Mourinho and became the first team to win 100 points.

This note then did not last long, the article of their eternal rival, Barcelona joined to reach the record by successfully achieving it in the following season in Tito Vilanova coaching. That moment has long since passed, and until now no team has ever re-recorded the record.

Real Madrid last won the La Liga title 2016-2017, but the title was closed with 93 points. Now they have the potential to get back more than 100 points in one season. If you look at the depth of the current squad, then the prediction is very reasonable as Hazard is one of the stars who can help his team get out of trouble.

2. First team with 1,700 wins record

Real Madrid is still listed as the most La Liga title-winning team, and no one has shifted that status. Then it is not wrong if they are one of the many teams that recorded the most winning records in Spanish football.

Yesterday’s victory over Celta Vigo has added to Madrid’s goal achievement which has now reached 1691 victories in La Liga. In other words, Madrid is still ahead of 56 of Barcelona’s total victories. If only could continue to dominate La Liga, then Barcelona still need a few more seasons to overtake Madrid’s record.

In other words, Madrid only needs nine more wins on the La Liga stage to truly become the first team to successfully record a record 1,700 wins in La Liga.

3. Most wins in a season

This record can only be printed by Real Madrid, and Barcelona alone, where EL Real got it in the 2011-2012 season and Barcelona in the 2012-2013 season. Both of them scored 32 matches in one season.

If Zinedine Zidane could lead Madrid to break the record for the most wins, then the potential for most wins in one season could have come together. Winning 33 matches in a season will not be an easy task but it is not an impossible thing as EL Real now has a depth of squad for players who have the potential to break that record.

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