Recovers from Coronavirus, Mikel Arteta shares his recent condition

After receiving intense treatment and through the quarantine process, finally Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta was declared cured of the Corona Virus outbreak. So, how is the manager’s condition right now?

As information, the man from Spain has indeed been positively infected by Corona Virus or COVID-19 since some time ago. The finding of the first Corona case in the Premier League made Arsenal immediately take quick action.

The club cleared the training camp area and all the rooms the manager had passed or visited. Not only that, the Gunners players were immediately quarantined, of course including coach Mikel Arteta who was quarantined in a separate special room.

In addition, the findings of the case also made the Premier League authorities finally cancel the match plan without spectators. Initially postponed until the beginning of April 2020, but because the conditions still have not abated, the new competition was rolled out again on 30 April.

After a few days passed, Mikel Arteta’s current condition has completely recovered. The former Pep Guardiola assistant at Manchester City then told his current condition.

“I feel very good now, I feel I’m recovering. It took three or four days to feel better with more abundant energy, to be able to leave these symptoms and now, honestly I feel very good, “said Arteta to La Sexta.

Interestingly, Arteta told me about the beginning of her contracting the Corona Virus. At that time, he got a call from the Directors after practicing.

Arteta was told that President Olympiacos had contracted the Corona Virus, and Arsenal had some time ago faced a Greek club in the Europa League. Arteta and several Arsenal players briefly shook hands with the club’s president after the match.

“I got a phone call from the directors after training while I was in the car and they said that the president of Olympiakos was positive, and all those who came in contact with him were being threatened.”

“I told them that I was not feeling well and it became a situation because there were many of our players who came in contact with them he concluded.

Fortunately, no Arsenal player has contracted Corona so far.

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