Refused to take a pay cut, Ozil criticized by Liverpool Legend

There has been no official clarification or confirmation from the German player about the news, but if it is true, Carragher considers Ozil to have ‘committed suicide’.

The Coronavirus pandemic has ‘paralyzed’ football as a whole. In Europe alone, top-level competitions have not operated since the past month. There were no matches, even club activities were suspended.

The goal, is to prevent the spread of the increasingly worrisome Coronavirus. On the one hand, the goal is good but still without a match means the club’s income is also reduced.

In fact, on the one hand, the club still has to pay the salaries of the players, coaches and staff due to ongoing contracts. However, in the end there were several clubs that made a policy of salary cuts during the pandemic.

There are Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid who have implemented this rule. The latest is the Premier League giant, Arsenal. Each Gunners player will be deducted from his monthly salary by 12.5 percent.

Reportedly all the players including the coach and also his staff did not object to the policy, except for three players. Well, it is believed that German player Mesut Ozil is one who disagrees.

Obviously this rejection is unfortunate, especially so far Ozil is known as the player with the highest salary at Arsenal. No wonder Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher then casts criticism on the former Real Madrid player.

“The fact is that the highest-paid player and perhaps the biggest name at Arsenal doesn’t go along with his team-mates and stay together

“Even if I’m in Ozil’s position and I don’t agree with that, I think the fact is that the whole team, your manager and the people at the club have decided to become one and make this decision, you have to follow it. as a team, “Carragher told Sky Sports News.

Carragher then assess Ozil’s actions like a humanitarian suicide goal is very large.

“This is an enormous public relations own goal,” he snapped.

However, it should be noted that so far Ozil has not provided any clarification about the claim. So, it could be incorrect.

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