Related to FFP sanctions, Manchester City: unfair

UEFA has imposed strict sanctions on Manchester City, related to violations committed by the Premier League giant against the rules of Financial Fair Play ( FFP). Had not budged, City finally opened their voices, here they felt as the side who was oppressed.

A week ago, UEFA officially imposed sanctions on Manchester City. Sanctions in the form of a ban on appearing on the European stage for the next two seasons, plus a fine of 30 Million Euros. These sanctions are classified as severe, the reason being that Manchester City also committed serious violations.

Based on reports that were heard, Manchester City had falsified their income reports from sponsors. The purpose of the forgery is so that the financial statements look balanced, so that they do not violate the rules of the Financial Fair Play.

Unfortunately, what Manchester City has done has been sniffed by UEFA. According to an investigation conducted by UEFA, Man City has proven to have inflated the club’s earnings around 2012 and 2016.

Had budged, now after a week had passed then Manchester City opened the voice. Interestingly, they did not plead guilty, instead felt they were receiving accusations that tarnished the good name of the club. Because, UEFA immediately sentenced without discussion.

This was conveyed by one of the club officials, Ferran Soriano. He explained that Manchester City currently had a series of evidence that could refute the accusations of UEFA.

Because the information related to Manchester City violations has spread to the Media so it is considered tarnished the good name of the club.

“We have worked together in this process. We offer a long list of documents and supporting data which we believe to be irrefutable evidence that the claim is untrue,”

“It was difficult, because we did it in the context of this information being distributed to the media, in the context of feeling every step we took, every effort we made, we felt that we were considered guilty even before there was any discussion. That is our experience. That is what we felt throughout this process, “Soriano said to CityTV.

Even so, Manchester City cannot breathe easily. If proven guilty, they are even threatened with sanctions from the British government, in the form of relegation from the English Premier League.

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