Revealed! 3 reasons Ronaldo is faithful to Georgina

Cristiano Ronaldo‘s romance with Georgina Rodriguez is indeed very interesting to the attention of the public throughout the world, the story from the beginning until now is an extraordinary attraction to be dismantled. One source explained how the process of the first meeting of the two harmonious figures.

Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez first met in a shop, where Georgina worked in the Madrid region, Spain in the 2016 season and at that time the player was still labeled Real Madrid. Georgina’s position in the shop was as a sales assistant.

Regardless of her status as a sales assistant does not necessarily make Ronaldo feel ashamed and in the end, the love grew in the day of the mega star of Juventus. One interesting thing here is the age difference that is quite far between the two, where the difference shows that Ronaldo is 11 years older than Georgina.

It happened in 2016 was officially introduced to the public by stating a serious relationship with Georgina in November 2018 where Ronaldo dared to appear in public. And in the same status, Georgina gave birth to a baby girl, Alana.

The love story of Ronaldo and Georgina with all of their allusions also create many questions, and one of the most inviting question marks is what made CR7’s nickname Ronaldo really love Georgina?

1. Clean of Tattoos

A sexy woman does not have to be tattooed, and the phrase was apparently approved by Ronaldo, who claimed does not like women with tattoos. This can be proven by Ronaldo’s attitude that does not have a tattoo on his body.

This principle justifies the humble attitude that Ronaldo has, with the excuse of ignoring tattoos, because in order to continue to donate his blood to those who need to be an extraordinary charismatic the player who deserves to be emulated.

“Tattoos are not my view, this is not in line because I often donate blood,” said Ronaldo, who every 4 months donated his blood.

2. Georgina is a Hard Worker

If we look at Georgina’s personality, then what is answered is that she likes to work smart. This is the main attraction of Ronaldo and claimed to really like the figure of a woman who never complained to get what she wanted with hard work.

It was proven when she still worked as a sales assistant in Gucci, Georgina was the worker who sold the most merchandise. This status is justified by the store manager who admits to having employees like Georgina is an advantage.

“My manager said, I am very good at working. I was able to sell many items and get loyal customers. I want to be a boutique manager and set up a business with my sister, “Georgina said.

3. Georgina’s Love for Ronaldo’s Children

Being one of the responsive housewives who takes care of many children does not make Georgina complain, she even admitted that she also loved three other Ronaldo children, Cristiano Jr., Mateo, and Eva. Georgina has a baby girl child with Ronaldo, Alana.

In this case, Georgina never discriminated in giving love to all of Ronaldo’s children. This proof was stated briefly by Georgina, by claiming to be willing to stay at home to take care of all of her household needs and certainly to take care of Ronaldo’s four children directly.

“When looking at schedules, I always try to spend time with my family. They take precedence,” Georgina said.

Do not stop there, Georgina claimed if you want to get more attention from Ronaldo, she must always look super sexy. This she did with the attitude of her life at home, Georgina continued if she must always use a super mini bikini while sleeping, so Ronaldo does not turn away.

“When I sleep, I like wearing sexy lingerie the most, he (Cristiano Ronaldo) also likes it. I get comfort when wearing sexy clothes. Of course, this way makes your boyfriend happy too,” Georgina concluded.

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