Terungkap! Chelsea Sempat Hampir ‘Pulangkan’ Maurizio SarriTerungkap! Chelsea Sempat Hampir ‘Pulangkan’ Maurizio Sarri

Revealed! Chelsea Had Almost ‘Returned’ Maurizio Sarri

A surprising piece of information came from Premier League giants Chelsea where it turned out that they had considered taking Maurizio Sarri back after sacking Frank Lampard in January.

As is known, Chelsea did kick Frank Lampard from the Manager’s Chair in January, of course, the decision was due to a series of negative results the club had received.

Not so long after that, Chelsea then announced the arrival of Thomas Tuchel as their new manager, replacing Frank Lampard. At that time, the German coach was unemployed after parting ways with Paris Saint-Germain.

Well, interestingly before appointing Thomas Tuchel as Frank Lampard’s replacement, it turned out that Chelsea had considered the opportunity to withdraw Maurizio Sarri considering that their former coach was not under contract with any club.

“After sacking Lampard, Chelsea actually wanted Sarri,” said Ciro Venerato to RAI Sport.

Yes, Maurizio Sarri isn’t tied to any club after being kicked out of the Juventus managerial chair at the end of the 2019/20 season yesterday. According to Venerato, Chelsea Sports Director, Marina Granovskaia is very interested in using Sarri’s services again.

In fact, Marina Granovska had seduced the Chelsea directors to choose Sarri as a replacement for Lampard, while on the one hand the former Empoli coach also agreed with Granovska’s offer.

“Marina Granovskaia at that time fought for Sarri to return to Chelsea. Meanwhile, Sarri himself agreed to the invitation at that time,” he said.

It’s a shame the reunion didn’t go as expected due to the interference of the Club President, Roman Abrahamovich. On the one hand, Maurizio Sarri did not get the blessing of his family to return to London.

“The deal failed because Roman Abramovich stopped the talks. Meanwhile Sarri’s wife and children encouraged Maurizio to return to Naples,” he said.

Currently, Maurizio Sarri is still unemployed but it is reported that he could return to Napoli’s arms after the Club management plans to remove Gennaro Gattuso from the coaching chair in the near future.

This is related to a series of bad results suffered by Napoli this season which left them stuck in 7th place in the standings.

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