Revealed! Chelsea’s new prospective owner was a big fans of MU?

The London public seems very, very curious about what will happen to the future of Chelsea. This question mark is based on the situation which states that Sir Jim Ratcliffe is ready to replace Roman Abramovich’s role as the number one boss of the Blues.

The fundamental question most often asked by the public is who is Sir Jim Ratcliffe? Based on existing data, Sir Jim Ratcliffe is the richest billionaire from England. If true, then Abramovich’s period will soon be over.

Investigated, the biggest oil agent from Russia is claimed to be ready to release Chelsea shares that are in the downturn. Even worse, Abramovich had trouble managing Chelsea because of a visa extension.

Abramovich was arguably one of the most successful bosses of Chelsea who always gave a large grant for the progress of the team, Chelsea successfully brought in many world great players like Didier Drogba, Fernando Torres, to Eden Hazard.

If the public thinks that the Blues will collapse, it will be very wrong. Because the prospective replacement Abramovich is very rich.

As a potential replacement for Abramovich, Jim Ratcliffe is claimed to be ready to disburse super-large funds so Chelsea can return to the hunt for domestic and European titles. The wealth of Jim Ratcliffe was recorded approximately IDR 396 Trillion, and made him often referred to as the richest person on British soil.

Interestingly here, when everyone was surprised because Jim Ratcliffe just started his business when he was 40 years old. Starting in 1998, Jim Ratcliffe founded a chemical company called INEOS which later became the main source of his wealth.

Feeling unsatisfied, he ventured into the world of football and is now holding a Swiss soccer club, Lausanne-Sport. Having an interest in the world of football, Jim Ratcliffe was born in Failsworth, a part of Greater Manchester, and often became a Manchester United fan at Old Trafford.

But his love for the Red Devils slowly faded when Jim Ratcliffe was known to have a home in London. Little by little, Jim Ratcliffe began to love Chelsea, and the record replied that it was one of the most expensive season ticket holders at Stamford Bridge.

Speaking of the sources of wealth of Jim Ratcliffe, he noted that he owned the assets of a hotel in Hampshire. Another asset is two luxury cruise ships named Hampshire I and Hampshire II at a price of 78.4 million Pounds.

Not only that, four luxurious private jets also owned by Jim Ratcliffe. From all of his total assets, it is certain that Chelsea will be safe in the hands of Jim Ratcliffe.

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