Revealed! Dwi Sasono have been using marijuana since graduating from high school

Indonesian artist, Dwi Sasono was recently caught by the authorities because he was found to be using a type of Marijuana. Well, a new fact was revealed that apparently Widi Mulya’s husband had been using marijuana since graduating from high school.

Previously, in his statement the artist did admit to using marijuana not long ago. However, the police revealed the fact that the use of marijuana had been done long ago.

“He uses it, cannabis dependency is not a year or two years. That’s when he finished high school, he already used it,” said Kasat Narcotics of West Jakarta Metro Police, Commissioner Vivick Tjangkung.

To the Police, Dwi Sasono claimed to have used marijuana for half his life. For information, currently the person concerned is 40 years old that means the cannabis has been used for 20 years.

This contradicts his first statement, which he argued had only been used since the corona virus was in Indonesia. In fact, Dwi Sasono admitted that he had trouble sleeping during this pandemic, so he used marijuana to fill the void.

“So my dependence has been very long about half of my life, I’m 40 years old. So half of my life, I have fallen into using this type of cannabis, I admit I am very addicted,”

“He already claimed that, even talked and friends of the reporters also heard,” said Vivick Tjangkung.

Previously, Dwi Sasono was arrested at his home, when a raid was discovered in large quantities of cannabis, which was hidden in a jar.

However, Vivick Tjangkung ensured that Dwi Sasono was only a victim, or in other words he was only a user, not a dealer.

“We have investigated deeply, there is no network of dealers, there is no network in the direction that is more directed to him as a dealer or the production of all sorts is not there,” concluded Vivick Tjangkung.

Given the fact that he is not a dealer, Dwi Sasono does not need to go to jail and only go through rehabilitation.

Many artists give their support and sympathy to Dwi Sasono.

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