Terungkap! Karim Benzema Sempat Hampir gabung Juventus

Revealed! Karim Benzema almost joined Juventus

Former Juventus player Claudio Marchisio recently revealed how in the past there had almost been a move from French striker Karim Benzema to Juventus.

Previously, it should be noted that Claudio Marchisio has decided to hang up his shoes since 2019, where the Russian club, Zenit St. Petersburg became the last club he played for before retiring.

Previously, the 35-year-old man had spent most of his career in football with Juventus, if in total, the duration was around 13 years.

In fact, Marchisio is one of the Bianconneri academy players who has been part of the club since he was 7 years old. No wonder the fans gave him the nickname ‘Il Principino’.

So, as long as he was still in the Juventus shirt, there were many events that Marchisio had known about but had not been revealed to the public until now, including the transfer of Karim Benzema which almost came true.

The opportunity to recruit Benzema came in 2010, when at that time Juventus was still handled by Ciro Ferrara. Real Madrid itself wanted to release the French players because their performance was considered not good enough.

In fact, Marchisio revealed that at that time Gonzalo Higuain was also planning to be released by Los Blancos.

“That’s right. Benzema almost moved to Juventus, in the year Ciro Ferrara was still coach,”

“He didn’t do well at Real Madrid and Los Merengues had to choose between selling himself or Gonzalo Higuain,” Marchisio said in the interview which was broadcast live.

However, in the end Real Madrid canceled their intention of releasing Benzema, while Higuain only moved to Napoli three years later.

“In the end they chose to keep both of them and a few years later, Higuain moved to Napoli,”

“Karim was very close to joining Juventus that year. But unfortunately, that did not happen. The possibilities are very clear,” he concluded.

As is known, Karim Benzema himself is still a mainstay on the front lines of Real Madrid until now. In fact, now he plays an important role, since Cristiano Ronaldo left in 2018.

While defending Real Madrid, Benzema has scored a total of 272 goals in 545 appearances in all competitions.

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