Revealed! Liverpool were almost coached by Jose Mourinho

It is inconceivable to see Liverpool handled by a controversial manager like Jose Mourinho. But believe it or not, the two parties had almost reached an agreement as revealed by the club legend, Jamie Carragher.

Yes, it cannot be denied the fact that Jose Mourinho is often acting up, his words also often cause controversy. But, his achievements are no less flashy. He always wins titles with the clubs he has handled so far.

Starting from FC Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Manchester United and now he is trying to give a trophy to Tottenham Hotspur.

Very reasonable if the slick notes make the 57-year-old coach had time to be considered a number of top European clubs, including Liverpool. The Reds had wanted Jose Mourinho’s service to become successor Gerard Houlier.

This was revealed by Liverpool players at the time, Jamie Carragher. This opportunity occurred a few years ago, before the appointment of Rafael Benitez. The club was confident with the Portuguese manager, but not with the senior players at the time.

“That was before Benitez came, right? I can share one interesting story about that. Gerard Houllier has lost his job, and the club has interviewed Rafa Benitez. The senior players were told the situation,”

“And the club said the name of Jose Mourinho. At that time I was more familiar with the name of Rafa Benitez, who grew up in the Spanish league and it seems that is what the club will choose. So said Carragher to Sky Sports.

In the end, Liverpool reached an agreement with Rafael Benitez. The Spanish coach helped the club win the European Champions League title. While Mourinho handles Chelsea and becomes the Premier League champion.

If only Mou had joined, maybe Liverpool had won the league title long ago. But, according to Carragher, Jose Mourinho’s character does not suit Liverpool.

“I have a feeling that Jose Mourinho is not fit to be a Liverpool coach. There are various reasons, including the way he behaves. I always felt we would choose Rafa, because he was more quiet. I feel Jose will have difficulty coaching Liverpool,” Carragher added.

This season, it seems that Mourinho will end without a title at Tottenham. They have been eliminated from all competitions, while in the Premier League occupying the 8th position in the standings.

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