Rey Utami’s confession: she would accept if Pablo Benua practice polygamy

Recently there was an uproar when there was news of a divorce plan between Pablo Benua and Rey Utami.

It all started with a newspaper that Pablo Benua wrote from behind bars for his wife, Rey Utami. In the letter, in essence Pablo Continent asked his wife to stop slandering him.

Feeling annoyed with his wife’s actions, Pablo Benua even threatened to divorce Rey Utami. Pablo Benua confirmed that his decision was because of Rey Utami’s own fault.

However, when asked about the letter, Rey Utami actually talked about polygamy, in which he admitted that she was ready to be polygamous by Pablo Benua.

“Maybe at first I couldn’t accept this, at first I also had a hard time deciding and giving up my husband to be able to remarry someone else,” said Rey Utami on her YouTube channel.

Rey Utami’s decision to accept her husband remarry just for the sake of their son. She knew exactly how they suffered when she and Pablo Benua spent 16 months in prison for “the salted fish case” some time ago.

“The first is of course because of the kids. Especially when we are in legal trouble, we have to leave the children for one year and four months and it is very painful for the children, I don’t want the children to become victims for the second time, ”

“So I will do anything for the sake of the kid, even though I have to be hurt and willing to share my husband, share love with other women for the sake of love for children,” she said.

Furthermore, the 33-year-old woman explained that she also adhered to the teachings of Islam, which did allow a man to have more than one wife, but on the condition that he must be fair in all matters.

“In Islam, it is also permissible for a household leader who wants to remarry four times as long as he can do justice.”

“If my husband is capable with attitude and affection for everything, I will give him permission to do polygamy,” said Rey Utami.

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