Reza SMASH spoke up regarding divorce from Fabiola

Reza Anugerah or Reza SMASH finally opened their voices regarding the news of their divorce from Fabiola, after having been silent since the news broke out.

Netizens recently were indeed shocked by a statement from Fabiola Elizabeth Agnes on Instagram. The woman claimed that her marriage to Reza SMASH was over.

Since then, the names Reza and Fabiola have often been the talk of Netizens. Interestingly, Fabiola also discussed a number of times the same thing, especially about the bad character of the ex-husband who gave her no choice, but to divorce.

Reza SMASH was initially silent, there was no information from the concerned, until finally he recently issued a clarification through his upload on Instagram.

“I apologize for what is happening on the media and social media at this time. Over time, I want to give an explanation of what happened, ”

“I apologize for my bad behavior and being a bad example for anyone. All actions, words, and writings that hurt for Fabi, I have conveyed my apologies directly, “wrote Reza SMASH.

Previously, there was news that claimed that Fabiola was trying to separate Reza from his son, Kilian Anugerah. But the news was certainly not true, Reza SMASH himself who denied it.

Reza even mentioned that Fabiola was a good mother figure for her biological child.

“Fabi has become a good mother for Killian Anugerah. The news about Fabi separating me and Killian is not true. With all the shortcomings, I must continue to learn to be a father who is good for Killian Anugerah, “said Reza SMASH.

Reza, 26, married Fabiola in 2018. After only two years of marriage and two children, their household foundered. Reza realized that he still had to ‘fix’ himself.

“Even though our marriage is not perfect and eventually divorced, I will face and improve for a better life. Please pray for and support me, Fabi and Killian Anugerah for health and strength. Thank you, “concluded Reza SMASH.

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