Rina Nose’s response after her husband was bullied by netizens

This Indonesian dangdut singer felt unaccepted by the netizens, who call her husband “unemployed man”.

This beautiful artist and presenter Rina Nose has indeed been married since 2019 with a man named Josscy Aartsen. The identity of the man who married Rina becomes a “puzzle” among netizens, moreover the artist also tends to cover it up.

No wonder that lately, Josscy has often been rumored by netizens, especially Rina’s followers on social media. Many accuse that Josscy Aartsen is an unemployed man. This accusation makes Rina Nose answering with sarcasm.

The artist answered back the Netizens who commented about her husband badly. Rina Nose called them jealous, because they did not have a high-income wife like her.

“It doesn’t matter whether my man work or unemployed! It won’t affect me either! I already had everything! No man has ever been thrown down by a man! ”

“Then if there is a lucky guy who can get me, why are you the one who is annoyed?? Want to be thrown? Just look for a rich girl who wants to accept your irregular behavior, “she said.

On another occasion, Rina admitted that she was not upset at all with the citizens’ sign, she was just trying to give a new stigma or perspective. The reason is that all this time the community only thinks that the husband is the one working, and the wife is in charge of the house.

In fact, according to Rina Nose, a wife works as the breadwinner and the husband stays at home and taking care of households is something that should also be considered normal.

“Actually, if I’m not frustrated, but instead with that I can give a new perspective. So because of our stigma in the community, husbands work, wife at home. ”

“Women take care of children, women clean up, cook, serve their husbands, husbands give money to their wives, that is a stigma in us,” said Rina.

Most Indonesians do think so, the breadwinner is husband, and the wife takes care of the house. But not all have such views, for example Rina Nose.

So far, this couple Rina Nose and Josscy Aartsen are still not blessed with a baby. Hopefully in the near future, netters!

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