Ririe Fairuz Minta Netizen Sudahi Hujatan Pada Nissa Sabyan

Ririe Fairuz Asks Netizens To Stop Bulying Nissa Sabyan

Ririe Fairuz recently underwent a divorce trial with her husband, Ayus Sabyan at the North Jakarta Religious Court. On the sidelines of attending the trial, Ririe admitted that she was confident in her decision to sue Ayus for divorce.

Ririe explained that the decision to terminate the household ark was purely a decision between them, even so she could ensure that her relationship with Ayus was still fine without any grudge or hatred.

“Not really. Because this separation is the decision of both of us. So from Ayus’s side also said yes, and we parted well. Anyway, our relationship is still fine,” said Ririe Fairuz.

Shortly after the divorce trial, Ririe uploaded an insta story on Instagram that contained her gratitude to the citizens who had supported her all this time.

He also asked netizens to end bullying or blasphemy against Nissa Sabyan and her ex-husband, Ayus Sabyan.

“Assalamualaikum wr wb I want to thank all my friends who have supported and prayed for me.”

“I ask for this news to stop and stop also to blaspheme NS and my ex-husband because after all he is the father of my children,” he wrote.

Indeed, since news of the divorce suit filed by Ririe Fairuz against Ayus Sabyan has evaporated, there have been allegations of a third person in their household relationship.

Who would have thought, the third person turned out to be Nissa Sabyan, who is the Vocalist of Sabyan Gambus. Since then, Nissa Sabyan has often been blasphemed because he was considered the perpetrator.

Ririe Fairuz herself admitted that she was willing to accept her decision, with the fact that her household had collapsed.

“Because until now, I still appreciate and cherish. I am willing to let go as long as he is happy,” said Ririe Fairus again.

In fact, there are still many netizens who don’t believe the issue of Ayus Sabyan’s affair with Nissa Sabyan, even though Ayus’s younger sibling has confirmed this.

Ririe Fairuz also emphasized that she didn’t need to explain anything about it because it was obvious.

“I don’t need to explain anymore, because before that it was clear,” said Ririe Fairus.

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