Rizky Febian admits his relationship with Anya was only a fabrication

Looking back at what happened some time ago, two young entertainers, Rizky Febian and Anya Geraldine are often rumored to be in a special relationship. These two of them were rumored to be involved in a love of location following their togetherness in a video clip project.

Indeed, when doing an interview session or attending Deddy Corbuzier’s YouTube Podcast, the two of them looked very close, like a couple in love.

In addition, news emerged of the breakdown of the relationship between Anya Geraldine and her lover, Ovi Rangkuti.

However, some netizens also still have doubts about the closeness between Rizky Febian and Anya, just a fabrication for the sake of promoting Sule’s elder son’s song.

Well, this assumption turned out to be true and was admitted directly by Rizky Febian when he was a guest star on the YouTube channel Maia Aleldul TV.

“We’re not (dating), that’s a fabrication,” said Rizky Febian.

Sule’s elder son deliberately chose Anya Geraldine as an opponent to play in the Mantra Cinta Trilogy Video Clip with the aim of attracting public interest. From the start, Rizky believed Anya’s presence could boost the popularity of his new song.

“I feel like this, because at that time I was thinking about how this song should go up. But I don’t want it when what I set goes up, but people don’t know the song, right?

“At that time I thought about Anya (to be a partner in the setting), because at one time it was a female artist who, in my opinion, could raise a lot of masses to attract the masses,” Iky explained.

After admitting that his relationship with Anya Geraldine was only a fabrication, Rizky Febian was reluctant to think about Warganet’s blasphemy, because most importantly, the fabrication succeeded in promoting his new song.

“Apart from them, what are the people outside talking about, I feel that just being successful means I am playing it,” concluded Rizky Febian.

Interestingly, in the next interview, Rizky Febian could not deny that the opportunity for cooperation made him get to know Anya Geraldine closer and now he admits that she is his close friend.

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