Rizky Febian fully supported by netizen to date Anya Geraldine

Rizky Febian openly expressed his interest in beautiful celebrities, Anya Geraldine recently.

For information, Rizky Febian himself recently guested on Deddy Corbuzier’s YouTube Podcast Channel. There, there were several things that Deddy asked the son of Sule.

One of them is Rizky’s closeness to the beautiful celebrity Anya Geraldine. Deddy catches Rizky who often comments on Anya’s posts.

However, Rizky denies that he is indeed approaching Anya, even though he knows exactly that Anya has a lover. Therefore, he did not want to break the relationship.

But interestingly, Rizky cannot deny that Anya Geraldine is his type of woman.

Regarding the musician’s statement, support actually came for him from netizens. They hope that Rizky Febian and Anya Geraldine can become lovers in the future.

Suddenly netizens immediately ‘disappeared’ when one of Rizky Febian’s latest posts was then commented on by Anya Geraldine. The two of them replied to each other’s comments which then made netizens enliven the comment column.

“There are things that must be said, but must be understood. Has anyone been in this position?” wrote Rizky Febian as a caption.

“Personal experience,” said Anya Geraldine briefly.

“Hmm, personal experience or not?” said Rizky Febian.

Various comments from netizens can be seen from the post, but most of them hope that Rizky and Anya can become lovers later.

“Digaskeun ki,” wrote one citizen.

Previously, Rizky Febian himself had said that he would be very happy if he ended up dating Anya Geraldine. In fact, the person concerned could even hold a party that lasted 7 days 7 nights.

“I immediately made a celebration for seven days, seven nights, sir,” Rizky Febian answered Deddy Corbuzier, who immediately went viral.

Interestingly, in the comments column there are also netizens who ‘tease’ Rizky by mentioning the 7 days 7 nights party.

“7 DAYS 7 NIGHTS OTW HAART,” added @sixfiey.

“Party for 7 days and 7 nights have come true,” continued @ dwi8185.

Anya Geraldine was a guest star on Deddy Corbuzier’s Podcast, where she admitted that she couldn’t live without a boyfriend. In fact, Anya has had a lover since she was 13 years old.

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