Rossi reluctant to retire during coronavirus pandemic

Although the continuation of the 2020 season competition is still unclear, Yamaha Monster Monster Rider Team, Valentino Rossi still does not want to retire in the near future. He was reluctant about his ‘retirement’ momentum by the Corona Virus Pandemic.

From the start, The Doctor had planned to evaluate his performance in the first few MotoGP series this season. In other words, the results of the evaluation will be a benchmark, whether he will continue to pave in the 2021 season later or retire.

Unfortunately, the first few MotoGP series this season certainly delayed following the Corona Virus pandemic. Rossi then admitted that the situation was quite difficult, because then he had to determine the future without paving at all.

Dorna Sports as the promoter of MotoGP this season plans to roll out the competition again in August, without the presence of spectators. Rossi will make a decision before the race is held again.

But one thing is for sure the Italian rider, that he will continue his career this season. Rossi is determined to pay the fans disappointment over his performance last season.

“I am in a difficult situation because my first option is to continue my career. I have enough motivation and I want to continue. ”

“It is very important to understand the level of competition, because in the second half of last season we were very difficult, I was too slow, and had to fight outside the top 5,” he said.

The hope is to remain part of the world class race in the upcoming 2021 season, because according to him the pandemic is not the right moment to retire.

“This is not the best way to retire, because we might not be racing at all in 2020. So it would be fairer for me to have one more season, and then at the end of the next season. So, I hope to keep racing in 2021, “he concluded.

Meanwhile, Rossi himself has certainly no longer become part of the Yamaha Monster Energy Team in the upcoming 2021 season competition, if not retired. His position has been replaced by Fabio Quartararo.

However, the Yamaha SRT Petronas Team is ready to accommodate it if it continues racing next season.

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