Saddil Ramdani’s violence scandal reappointed

The case scandal of violence committed by a former Indonesian club player, Persela Lamongan, Saddil Ramdani experienced a change of status where the prefix was closed, it turned out that this was only followed up with deeper investigation.

Verification of this news is clarified with the case file already transferred to the Lamongan District Prosecutor’s Office and declared complete for follow-up. The case began in October 2018 yesterday, where he allegedly persecuted a woman named Anugerah Sekar who was known to have been his girlfriend.

“The case has continued, but the status is borne as a P21 from the Attorney General’s Office, the file is complete,” said Norman as Kasatreskrim Lamongan Regional Police, AKP. Wahyu Norman Hidayat told the media.

“When all files become P2 status, then the suspect will be handed over to the Prosecutor’s Office.”
Norman continued that when all the files were complete, he would write to Pahang FA as he called Saddil to be BAP back in Indonesia.

“We will call according to the procedure, if we don’t come, we will pass it to the club so that it will be returned. Heeded or not heeded later, if he has a deadline, we certainly secure it, we catch it, we leave it to the prosecutor’s office,”

Forced pickup is the last alternative from the police as a form of legal certainty, and until now there has been no direct information from the Pahang party, nor from the Saddil party.

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