Sadio Mane had almost joined Liverpool

Sadio Mane is now known as one of Liverpool’s main stars, but his career story could have been different if he chose to join Manchester United a few years ago.

The Senegalese player first set foot in the Premier League in the summer of 2014, defending Southampton. After two seasons defending the Saints, Sadio Mane then joined Liverpool.

At that time, the winger was bought with a pocket that is relatively cheap around 38 million Pounds. That said, Sadio Mane was one of Liverpool’s first recruits under the direction of German manager Jurgen Klopp.

Thinking back to when Liverpool proposed, Sadio Mane admitted he had no idea.

“Moving to Liverpool at the time? I didn’t expect it,” Mane told The Times.

Not without reason, because at the same time there are also several other clubs who are trying to recruit him. Including one of them is Liverpool’s eternal rival, Manchester United.

“At that time we did not expect to move to Liverpool because at that time we were more focused with our talks with Manchester United.” He said.

The Senegalese player admits that being between two good choices is a difficult situation. However, Sadio Mane was ultimately grateful that he chose to join Liverpool. The player claimed to be pleased with the approach taken by manager Jurgen Klopp.

“At that time I was in a difficult situation, because I sat more on the bench so I did not expect to be contacted by other clubs. But I’m glad Klopp finally called me and he doesn’t think I’m a rapper.” he said.

Since joining Liverpool, the name Sadio Mane began to be known to the public, he appeared classy in the last few seasons. Last season, he ushered the Reds to the European Champions League. While this season, Liverpool has a great chance to become Premier League champions.

Until the 29th week, they sat on the top of the table with a 25-point advantage over nearest rivals, Manchester City. However, now the Premier League competition is being suspended due to the increasingly worrying Coronavirus pandemic.

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