Sadio Mane’s house burgled!

Sadio Mane almost became a Liverpool star when competing in the last 16 of Champions League leg 1 against Bayern Munich in the middle of last week. Mane managed to create many opportunities that almost scored, but unfortunately that day was not Mane’s best day to enliven the spirit of Liverpool fans.

Interestingly, there are many who think that Mane is in a bad situation. And it’s true, where a group of thieves managed to break through the guard of the Mane house and bring news of a number of luxury items such as jewelry and large amounts of money.

Liverpool themselves managed to hold the Munich draw 0-0 at Anfield, and Mane’s struggle will be even harder because he will travel to the Allianz Arena which is famously haunted for the English club. The preparations will be a little disturbing Mane thought.

Where he lives is a sloth in the Allerton area, south of Liverpool. His house was successfully broken down by a group of professional thieves without leaving a trace. This incident occurred at 18:00 to 23:45 local time.

During that time, Mane’s residence is empty, there is no one. Knowing this, the local police reacted immediately by holding a crime scene. Through the Merseyside police inspector, Phil Mahon, asked the perpetrators to return the stolen goods to their owners.

“I will ask the perpetrators to do the right thing and return the stolen goods to their owners in various ways that can be done,” Mahon quoted a press conference.

Not to forget the police also asked for help from local residents as additional information that could facilitate the investigation. One way is to provide information when thieves try to sell items that might be similar to Mane’s.

“We understand how much the watch costs, and I want to ask anyone who gets the item offer from the time of theft to contact the police,” Mahon concluded.

If you look back, then Mane has felt this incident twice. The first recorded occurred in November 2017, where Mane was traveling far with Liverpool’s schedule against Maribor in the Champions League.

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