Samuel Umtiti feels strange to read that Messi wants to leave Barcelona

One of the Barcelona defenders, Samuel Umtiti, admitted that he felt strange when he heard Lionel Messi’s admission that he wanted to leave Camp Nou last summer. The French player cannot imagine Barcelona without the Argentine superstar.

Lionel Messi did make a scene for football fans last summer. The 33-year-old superstar expressed his desire to leave Camp Nou after more than 15 years with Barcelona.

But in the end Messi stayed at Barcelona, ​​this is because the club is reluctant to let La Pulga go unless someone activates the release clause of 700 million euros.

Of course that is a very large number especially in the midst of a pandemic like now. In fact, a wealthy club like Manchester City who are strongly linked with Messi cannot do much.

With such conditions, Messi could not do anything, in the end he was forced to stay at Barcelona.

Even though it has passed, the news of Messi’s desire to leave Barcelona is still the topic of discussion today. There are still many parties who feel surprised by this.

Including defender Samuel Umtiti, who felt strange when he heard the news that his team-mate wanted to leave Barcelona.

This is because he finds it strange to see Barcelona without Lionel Messi in their squad.

“A lot of important things have happened this summer. For me and the club,”

“I find it strange reading this: Leo wants to leave. He has his own reasons. However, imagining Barca without Messi is impossible.” said Umtiti in an interview with Canal +.

Actually, Umtiti himself is also going through difficult times at Barcelona along with Ousmane Dembele and Antoine Griezmann. Regarding this, the former Lyon player put it:

“With Antoine and Ousmane, we are together often. We’ve all been through difficult times,”

“Everyone put knives behind our back and wanted to kill us. However, between us, we tried to laugh to make us smile again.” he said.

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