Sarri confirmed to remain at Juventus next season

Some Juventus fans might want to hear news of Maurizio Sarri’s dismissal from the manager’s chair. However, it is unlikely that this will happen, because the former Napoli coach will be retained next season.

In his first season as Juventus manager, Sarri immediately managed to present the Scudetto title. However, a discordant voice was heard asking the club management to sack the former Chelsea coach.

The pressure came about in connection with a series of poor results that the Bianconneri have found in the last few matches. Including them in the last two Italian Serie A matches against Cagliari and AS Roma.

Although the two defeats did not necessarily change Juve’s title as Serie A champions this season, the fans were worried about the fate of their favorite team under Sarri’s direction.

There are those who think that the 61-year-old coach will be kicked out if Cristiano Ronaldo and friends fail to step into the UCL quarter-finals.

But, whatever the results received when meeting Lyon this weekend, the club’s Sport Director Fabio Paratici can ensure that Sarri will remain in his position next season.

Regarding the words from Paratici, Sarri is also sure that the club management must have thought carefully about this decision. They won’t sack a coach just because of the result of one game.

“I think this question is basically calling our director amateurs, which I don’t think so,”

“They will make an evaluation based on the whole season, so if they have decided to bring in a new coach, tomorrow’s results will not affect, let alone victory,” said Sarri as quoted by Football Italia.

Sarri understood the anxiety of the Bianconneri fans, because basically Juventus are a team accustomed to winning. So when things don’t go well, they will rebel.

“Juventus is a club that is accustomed to winning and because of that, people can feel unimpressed because of that,”

“But in my opinion it is wrong, because victory must always be treated as a beautiful and extraordinary moment,” concluded the former Chelsea coach.

As for the second leg match tomorrow, Juve will act as the host with a 0-1 position.

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