Sarri guarantees CR7 will be more powerful next season


Maurizio Sarri, who has just been selected as Juventus’ new coach next season, dares to admit that he has met privately with Cristiano Ronaldo in the south of France to get a way out to be even sharper next season.

Sarri also guarantees that Ronaldo’s goals for next season will increase from the previous season. After being introduced to the public by Juventus, Sarri did not want to linger and immediately flew to Ronaldo who was on vacation at the French Riveria, with a view of the famous sea yacht.

Investigated, Sarri made the trip accompanied by Juventus technical director, Fabiio Paratici, approaching Ronaldo to discuss plans for next season. Although the news was widespread, but there was no certainty from Juventus itself that Sarri was willing to make a long flight for Ronaldo.

Apart from that, Sarri himself can only ensure his team will focus on the role of number 9, which is more often in front of the opponent’s goal. Then many observers argue that the position will be occupied by Ronaldo and could be more productive to score goals.

Not only that, Ronaldo also claimed to be a free role in any tactics. Ronaldo does not need to survive if conditions are not too precarious. If referring to the scheme’s scheme of tactics, then this is not a new one for Ronaldo as he once felt with Real Madrid.

The era of Zinedine Zidane who was handling Los Blancos was proof that Ronaldo’s role as a pure attacker was very effective. And in the era of Massimiliano Allegri, Ronaldo was also recorded to have played the role several times.

Sarri with great confidence can overtake 21 goals in Ronaldo’s first season. Even so, the record for most Serie A goals is still held by Gonzalo Higuain, with 36 goals and this status must be dissected with Sarri as the player’s coach when in Naples.

Then if you look for the answer, then the figure of Sarri is predicted to return to breaking the record. The potential is large, and under Sarri it is possible that Ronaldo will be in the best position that is more offensive.

Sarri never stopped mentioning plans to further sharpen Ronaldo on the front lines. Seen in several press conferences, Sarri always tried to convince all parties to help Ronaldo.

Can be interpreted that assistance is trying Ronaldo to break more records and the most important is to help realize the dream of Juventus to return to triumph in Europe by coming out as Champions League winners.

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