Sarri sets Buffon as substitute player for Juventus

Gianluigi Buffon had to be heartened when he heard the statement of Maurizio Sarri claiming that Juventus’ first goalkeeper position in the new season was not Buffon. This recognition dismissed the news that Buffon’s experience and extraordinary record in the world of football cannot be guaranteed.

Buffon has just made a historic decision in the course of his career in the world of football. This happened in the 2019 summer transfer market by deciding to return to Juventus after not receiving a one-season contract extension from Paris Saint Germain.

Buffon, 41, chose to return to Juventus, the club he left in June 2018. Buffon signed a one-year contract with the club from Turin with the mission to feel the Champions League title with the team that raised his name.

Buffon’s arrival actually did not make a confession from Sarri. In this case the coach is reluctant to give a full guarantee for the goalkeeper to escort his team in each match as the main one. Before Buffon arrived, Juventus had settled with Wojciech Szczesny as the main goalkeeper.

In other words, Buffon’s arrival did not shake the position of the Polish goalkeeper. Many claims mention that Szczesny deserves the position of the main Juventus goalkeeper because he already has a winning mentality.

“Our plan is clear. From the start we have determined that the bottom goalkeeper is Wojciech Szczesny,” Sarri said.

If speaking of Buffon’s quality at the age of 41, the public was again shocked. Evidenced, in the 2019 International Champions Cup pre-season match, Buffon successfully led Juventus to victory over Inter Milan in the shootout.

In the drama, Buffon successfully defeated three penalties for Inter Milan players. This performance deserves a flood of praise for Buffon.

“Buffon is amazing on penalties because he is a born fighter and he reacts at a very difficult moment,” said Sarri.

His move to Juventus in the transfer this time is indeed a lot of inviting questions, and one of the most heard questions is why is Buffon back ? There are those who rate this as a surprising decision, some have suspected it would be like this because of Champions League factors.

Juventus can be predicted to have a huge chance of becoming 2019-2020 Champions League winner, with the current squad, it is only natural that Buffon will return to be able to dispel curiosity after failing to win the Champions League twice in a row.

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