Sassuolo vs Inter, Antonio Conte rejects to attend a press conference?

One unusual event was seen on the Italian Serie A stage this season. Precisely at the game last weekend, where Antonio Conte refused to attend a press conference with the media crew after leading Inter Milan to face Sassuolo, Sunday, October 20, 2019.

In predictions, there are no serious problems from the results of the match, where Inter Milan was able to end the weekend with a victory. Coming as a guest team at the Stadio Citta del Tricolore, Mapei Stadium, Romelu Lukaku and his friends managed to beat victory with a thin score 4-3.

The results of these three points reinforce that the duo Lautaro Martinez and Romelu Lukaku, are dangerous, productive players and should be wary of his opponents. These two quality players share two goals, and one of them is born from the right 12th point.

Interestingly here when the results were positive, Conte apparently did not want a press conference and refused all invitations to interviews with the media crew. This is actually different from the attitude of most professional coaches both in and out of Italy.

However, all that was not really attended by the Inter, it turns out Conte was replaced by the figure of Cristian Stellini, who served as Conte’s assistant. In his statement, he also alluded to the reason Conte did not accept the interview invitation.

“Fatigue attacked Conte, as a result he had a fever and had felt tired in the match earlier, so he could still stand on the sidelines for the match but lost his voice,” Stellini said.

Stellini added why this result was not very satisfying for the coach even though the final result showed an additional three points. Here he emphasizes the decline in performance of Lukaku and friends, and predictions from the coaching itself is due to an international pause.

“Returning from the international break makes the players work even harder, and that’s not easy. We played amazingly for 70 minutes when we dominated, then followed by fainting that had to be analyzed, “Stellini continued.

Stellini judged that the players lost gasoline when entering in the final minutes of the match. The situation was then successfully put to good use by the host with several goals born that were deemed inappropriate.

“The energy of the players just disappeared in the final minutes, Sassuolo raised the tempo and we could not get out of line. We keep losing the ball easily and that makes us even more backward. Sassuolo scored two easy goals and we have to improve that aspect to erase the identity of ‘Pazza Inter ‘”
“We have to learn more about how to lock and bring home the game we dominated for 75 minutes,” concludes Stellini.

Although still considered lacking in overall play, but these results still provide fresh air to Inter to remain in the top four Serie A. Where the achievement of these three points continues to give emphasis to eternal rivals, Juventus who are currently at the top of the standings.

The Inter points are just one point away from Juventus, who also won the victory over Bologna with a narrow score of 2-1.

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