Scary, Messi and Suarez’s car got bomb terror!

Barcelona fans have just been shocked by the horror news related to the terror bombing of two Barcelona stars, Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez. It was stated more deeply that this form of terror in the form of a threat would bomb the car of the two big star figures.

Viral, the news was finally revealed by itself, based on existing data that the terror bombing was just a figment or not possible. When the threat came, Messi and Suarez’s car was in the parking lot of El Prat airport, Barcelona.

Precisely on Tuesday, July 30, 2019 Spain Time, came a report that suspicious objects were under the cars of Messi and Suarez. The suspicious object had been suspected of being a bomb, so the investigative team who quickly arrived said that there was no bomb.

The beginning of this moment of horror occurred when a call to emergency number 112. In the call, the caller said there was a suspicious package under Messi and Suarez’s car which the complainant immediately concluded that the object was a bomb.

The police did not linger in responding to the 112 emergency call. They immediately deployed personnel and several tracking dogs to secure the location of Messi and Suarez’s car park.

When everything went standard and was carefully checked, no suspicious objects were found similar to bombs and no materials were found which could blow up both Messi’s and Suarez’s cars.

The police quickly concluded that this moment was the result of a false report. Still a big question is the motive of the perpetrator, and so far, the local police have continued to chase the mysterious caller.

Messi and Suarez themselves have not given further information, but when it happened both of them were in the summer vacation phase as they got a longer holiday than other players because they had just finished helping their respective national teams in the 2019 Copa America.

It is currently known that both of them have rejoined the Barcelona squad in the pre-season training schedule in preparation to return to testing in Europe after previously playing on the ASIA continent in the International Champions Cup.

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