Score Prediction for 25 June 2019 – Mali vs Mauritania

Africa Cup of Nations Betting Score Prediction today presents a classic match between Mali vs Mauritania, which will take place on Tuesday, 25 June 2019 at 03:00 WIB, at the New Suez Stadium.

Group E of Africa Cup of Nations this time will present the inaugural match, where this match is crucial for their mental readiness in the next two matches. If we look at the preparations of these two teams, it is very obvious that Mali is better than Mauritania.

Statistics showed if Mauritania’s level had not reached the level of Mali, despite being able to provide resistance, but in the end, Mauritania had to surrender from Mali with almost perfect power without the slightest gap.

At the last meeting, where Mauritania was able to win 1-0 over Mali. But the match was only a friendlies match and Mali itself played with second-tier players, in other words, it was natural that Mauritania could win.

Now the situation has changed, and Mali has become a stronger team if their players are complete. And Mali’s core players are ready to play, because this match becomes their first opportunity to earn 3 points.

Asian Handicap Market – Mali vs Mauritania:
Mali 0: 1 Mauritania

Score Prediction – Mali vs Mauritania:
Mali 2-0 Mauritania

Statistics shows Mali is better than Mauritania, and that means they are predicted to win with a score of more than one goal. When referring to the market, our prediction team dares to say that the score has the potential to occur.

In preparation, Mali has been practicing competing with the best teams and the results are satisfying. Whereas Mauritania received unfavorable results, because their tactics were called as undeveloped tactics.

These results increasingly give confidence to all parties that Mali will win easily over Mauritania which will be minimal preparation. A 2-0 score is considered worthy of closing the match today with a goal that occurred in the first round.

Head to Head Matches – Mali vs Mauritania:
[10/19/15] Mali 2 – 1 Mauritania
[10/25/15] Mauritania 1 – 1 Mali
[08/08/17] Mauritania 2 – 2 Mali
[08/19/17] Mali 0 – 1 Mauritania

Mali’s Last 5 Matches:
[10/16/18] Burundi 1 – 1 Mali
[11/17/18] Gabon 0 – 1 Mali
[24/03/19] Mali 3 – 0 South Sudan
[3/27/19] Senegal 2 – 1 Mali
[06/06/19] Cameroon 1 – 1 Mali

Mauritania’s Last 5 Matches:
[10/17/18] Mauritania 1 – 0 Angola
[11/19/18] Mauritania 2 – 1 Botswana
[23/03/19] Burkina Faso 1 – 0 Mauritania
[06/06/19] Benin (CANCEL) Mauritania
[06/06/19] Mauritania 3 – 1 Madagascar

Team Players:
Mali: D. Diarra – M. Wague – Y. Kone – F. Sacko – A. Traore – M. Doumbia – D. Samassekou – M. Fofana – Y. Bissouma – A. Niane – A. Traore.
Mauritania: N. Diaw – S. N’Gara – O. Mangane – M. Wade – S. Abdallahi – K. Camara – M. El Hacen – B. Bagili – I. Diakite – H. Tanjy – K. Traore.

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