Score Prediction for 26 June 2019 – Ghana vs Benin

Africa Cup of Nations Betting Score Prediction today presents a classic match between Ghana vs Benin, which will be held on Wednesday, 26 June 2019 at 03:00 WIB, at the Ismailia Stadium.

Group F of 2019 Africa Cup on Nations is ready to present a different level match, with Ghana being the leading team going against the developing team, Benin. Based on existing statistics, it is clear that Ghana’s game is better than Benin.

In terms of experience and quality of players, Ghana deserves to win over Benin, which is only filled by local league players. Now the situation between these two teams makes it clear that Ghana’s path will be easier, if they win in this first match.

In this Group F zone, Ghana and Cameroon are the seeded teams that will qualify for the next round as the other two teams are Benin, and Guinea can be called a team with little experience.

Asian Handicap Market – Ghana vs Benin:
Ghana 0: 2 Benin

Score Prediction – Ghana vs Benin:
Benin 4-0 Benin

Statistics showed that Ghana was on the upper hand, although from their meeting record, these two teams took turns filling in the winning list. But that status is not a guarantee, because Ghana will be ready to play with their best players.

Ghana itself had become a team that was in its golden generation, where in the 2006 World Cup, they were able to become semi-finalists by surprising many big teams, such as Germany, Portugal, and England.

Having been at that level, then Ghana’s road to victory over Benin is predicted to be easier, and our prediction team also dares to say that the big score is worth pinning to Ghana.

Head to Head Matches – Ghana vs Benin:
[03/30/09] Ghana 1 – 0 Benin
[11/10/09] Benin 1 – 0 Ghana
[06/07/13] Benin (CANCEL) Ghana
[07/27/13] Ghana (CANCEL) Benin
[05/25/17] Ghana 1 – 1 Benin

Ghana’s Last 5 Matches:
[11/10/18] Ghana (CANCEL) Sierra
[10/14/18] Sierra Leone (CANCEL) Ghana
[11/18/18] Ethiopia 0 – 2 Ghana
[24/03/19] Ghana 1- 0 Kenya
[06/15/19] Ghana 0 – 0 South Africa

Benin’s Last 5 Matches:
[10/16/18] Benin 1 – 0 Algeria
[11/17/18] Gambia 3 – 1 Benin
[03-03-19] Benin 2 – 1 Togo
[06/06/19] Benin (CANCEL) Mauritania
[6/12/19] Benin 1 – 0 Guinea

Team Players:
Ghana: Shinya Yajima / Opare / N.Opoku / Amartey / Agbenyenu; Sarfo / A.Duncan / E.Ofori / Acheampong; Partey; R.Boakye.
Benin: S. Glodjinon / M. Bah-Yere / G. Houngbedji / D. Orou / J. Tognon / W. Aboki / R. Adjanakou / R. Fassinou / K. Raimi / I. Ogoulola / U. Dah-Atchefon / C. Gomez.

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