‘Self-talk” turns out to be helpful!

Have you ever talked to yourself? Some people may feel this is a normal habit, but not a few also consider it a ‘weirdness’ or many other insane terms. In fact, the reality is talking to yourself or the term ‘monologue’, has benefits for our own lives. Is it true?

Yes, talking to yourself can actually have a positive impact on our mental health, at least it was revealed by indiantimes.com. The fact of talking to ourselves can help us control our own attitudes and make it easier for us to organize our thoughts, memories, and plans more efficiently. In more detail, here are the benefits of talking to yourself.

1. Help to achieve our dreams

Believe it or not, talking to yourself by continuously repeating positive sentences can help us reach our targets. As an example of an athlete in a sports competition, we often find athletes encouraging themselves with, “You can!” or, “A little more!” They talk to themselves, set targets for themselves, thus providing extra enthusiasm and motivation to achieve victory.

2. Make us easy to set priorities

Headache is the right word to describe a situation when we have to face many problems or work. By talking to yourself and delivering positive sentences for yourself, then we can be more concentrated in dividing things that should come first. In other words, ‘headache’ was able to be deciphered well so that it was easy to do one by one.

3. Not panic when facing difficulties

Entertaining yourself can indeed be done in various ways, including talking with yourself. When faced with problems or difficult times, we can more easily calm down and process things with a clearer mind. When we really can’t rely on others around us, the only thing we can count on is ourselves.

What is clear, a monologue or talking to yourself can bring many benefits to us. Now it’s time to look in the mirror and say positive words to your reflection in the mirror.

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