Shibasaki Marries This Sexy Woman After FIFA World Cup 2018 Ends

Gaku Shibasaki was one of the Japanese national team contenders at the 2018 World Cup yesterday, even though he has failed to bring the Blue Samurai team away in this four-year event, he nevertheless remained married to a cute and sexy woman known as Erina Mano.

As is known, the National Team of Japan is back to represent Asia in the 2018 World Cup yesterday, and Gaku Shibasaki become one of the Samurai Blue’s best player in Russia yesterday. Japan itself made it through the group stage after competing with teams like Colombia, Poland and Senegal.

In the last 16 of the match, Japan faced the golden team squad of the Belgian National Team, and unfortunately, Samurai Blue swallowed a thin 2-3 defeat, whereas they had first lead with a score of 2-0. Of course, this failure makes the Japanese players feel disappointed, not to mention Shibasaki himself.

However, the 26-year-old’s disappointment has been completely cured, since shortly after the end of the 2018 World Cup tournament yesterday, he later married his beloved girl, and the woman is a sexy model named Erina Mano.

According to the audible report, as most celebrities in Japan, Shibasaki and Erino are also married in secret and very closed. The couple is actually undergoing a long-distance relationship. The actress settled in Tokyo, while Shibasaki was in Spain. Gaku Shibasaki joined Spanish club Tenerife in early 2017, before joining Getafe.

Shibasaki and the cute actress got acquainted in the fall of 2016 and instantly liked each other. Shibasaki became a Getafe squad in July, it is not known how often I travel between Spain and Japan but both seem to work.

For information, Gaku Shibasaki is a bit strange heard in our ears, but the fact is concerned is one of the Asian players who career in Europe, precisely in Spain along with La Liga club, Getafe.

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