Simple touch of CR7 makes this mascot-kid happy

One commendable attitude is shown by Juventus mega star Cristiano Ronaldo to the public. That attitude emerged when the player prepared to face Ajax Amsterdam in the Champions League on Thursday, 11 April 11 2019. With sincere expression, Ronaldo gave a simple touch to the mascot kid who accompanied Leonardo Bonucci.

Juventus actually came to the Netherlands as a continuation of their struggle in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals. The match itself ended in a 1-1 position, which clearly greatly benefited Juventus because it was ahead on aggregate away goals.

The only goal of the Juventus puppet was scored by Cristiano Ronaldo before the first round ended with his header. While the new Ajax could equalize when the second half just started through a play on their young players, David Neres.

The match ended, and all eyes were on the figure of Ronaldo. In addition to the mere goal that made Juventus in a slick position, this former Real Madrid player also showed an attitude of humility to the mascot-kid who accompanied Bonucci before the match.

This moment that is considered very special began to be known when spread in the world of social media recently. The 16-second show shows the mascot kid standing beside Ronaldo, and is caught glancing at him.

Ronaldo returned the glance, then showed him a sweet smile. Even Ronaldo also touched his cheek, which then left a small smile happy on his face. This moment was also widely discussed by many people, including from a father’s confession.

In an acknowledgment to Sport. The child’s father said that the child felt that yesterday was the best moment his child had ever felt even though it only lasted a few seconds.

“He fell asleep with a smile on his face. For Cristiano, it might be just a few seconds. But for him, it is a moment that will be kept for all time. Football is more than just a game.”

Now the eternal rival Lionel Messi is believed to be back down by Massimiliano Allegri in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-final which will be played at the Juventus headquarters, the Allianz Arena, on April 17, 2019. Before this match took place, as an information material that Juventus had to postpone the title of Italian Serie A championship this season because they lost to Spal at the weekend.

The defeat was Juve’s second defeat in the Serie A event this season, and the defeat was also said to be reasonable because Juve played with second-tier players with the addition of young players.

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