Sejak Di Inter Milan, Romelu Lukaku Seperti Terlahir Kembali

Since He Moved To Inter Milan, Lukaku Feels Reborn

Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku appears to have improved in terms of form since joining Inter Milan, the player seems to have been “reborn”, according to German legend Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.

Even though he is from Belgium, Romelu Lukaku himself actually spends more of his time in England. He is one of the Chelsea academy athletes, in addition to having played for the Blues, he has also played for West Bromwich Albion, Everton and Manchester United.

However, while in England, especially when he played for Manchester United, Lukaku was often criticized for his performance which was deemed not as expected.

Then in the 2019 summer transfer market, the 27-year-old player decided to move to Italy after being redeemed by Inter Milan for a mahra of 80 million euros.

At his new club, it can be said that Lukaku has succeeded in silencing the critics by scoring goals for his goals. Especially in this 2020/21 season, Lukaku contributed greatly to Inter Milan’s success in topping the Italian Serie A standings.

In short, Lukaku, who used to be the target of criticism, is now one of the players most often praised for his performances on the pitch.

The latest flattery came from German legend, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, who considered Lukaku to have improved a lot since joining Inter Milan. According to him, the Belgian striker was like being “reborn”.

“He is different. He, physically, is a giant. But he is also good from a technical point of view. Not only relying on his physique, he is good,”

“In the derby, he made an incredible assist for Lautaro. Lukaku has technical skills that are not seen much at Manchester United. He is also reborn thanks to Inter,” Rummenigge told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Furthermore, the former Bayern Munich player also praised coach Antonio Conte, who he considers the role behind Lukaku’s improved performance.

“The stability in form and the tactics are very interesting. It is a tactic that adapts to the team, thanks to Conte, who did a great job.”


“You can see Inter has been different from before he came two years ago. I like it because they are consistent at the back and are outstanding in attack. It’s great to see Inter on TV now,” said Rummenigge again.

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