Sir Alex Ferguson secretly admires this Arsenal player

Even though he has retired from his career as a football coach, Sir Alex Ferguson is apparently still following the development of this sport. In fact, there are several players highlighted by the legendary MU coach, including one young Arsenal defender, Kieran Tierney.

For information, Kieran Tierney himself was recruited by Arsenal in the 2019 summer transfer market. In his first season, the Scottish national team player successfully played 24 matches for the North London club.

Tierney was recruited from Celtic in the summer of 2019. In his first season, the Scotland international defender made 24 appearances for the Gunners.

Actually, Kieran Tierney’s career with Arsenal was not so smooth, considering that he had suffered several injuries. Even so, the 23-year-old defender continues to show good performance when he is trusted to appear.

Well, fellow people from Scotland, apparently Fergie continues to highlight Kieran Tierney’s performance and admits that he is very happy to see the young defender perform brilliantly with Arsenal.

But on the one hand, Sir Alex is also aware that Kieran Tierney plays the same position as Andy Robertson, who is also a mainstay at Liverpool.

“I think Scotland have some very good midfield players, and I’m not sure how they will play Robertson and Tierney in the same team,”

“I know there have been some situations where they played Tierney as a third center-back, but Tierney’s performance since he left for Arsenal has been phenomenal. Robertson’s career at Liverpool is getting bigger and bigger.” Ferguson said as quoted by the London Football.

On a number of match occasions, Kieran Tierney has also been given the opportunity to appear as a center-back in the three-back scheme, either while defending Arsenal or while defending the Scottish National Team.

In fact, Tierney has also been played as a full-back right. Tierney’s versatile ability is certainly a big asset for the 23-year-old defender.

What is clear, until now Kieran Tierney has made 16 appearances for the Scottish National Team. He is also instrumental in Scotland’s qualification for Euro 2021.

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