Sitting in 10th position, David Luiz still confident of Arsenal’s chance to win

Arsenal are currently still stuck in 10th place in the standings, but that fact does not make Defender David Luiz feel pessimistic about his team’s chances of winning the Premier League.

The North London club actually performed quite convincingly under the direction of Mikel Arteta, where they successfully won the FA Cup last season and won the FA Community Shield title earlier this season after beating Liverpool.

With these facts, Arsenal are predicted to be able to compete at the top of the Premier League this season. However, the opposite happened.

The inconsistent performance led Arsenal to a series of negative results. As a result, until the 22nd week of the Premier League, the Gunners were still stuck to 10th position in the temporary standings.

However, this fact did not necessarily make defender David Luiz feel pessimistic. In the Premier League, everything can still happen, because the league is difficult to predict.

“Now the important thing is to fight for the two remaining titles. Of course, the Premier League is very far away. Is it impossible? Not. However, we are aware of the reality. ”

“Knowing that we are in a reality that is much more difficult than the team that was there. But also knowing that we are playing in the fiercest and most difficult league in the world, where 10 points suddenly become one, two or zero in a month. Anything can happen, “Luiz told ESPN Brasil.

According to the former Chelsea player, the pandemic that is happening has also more or less affected the way things are going this season. It is also for this reason that he still believes in Arsenal’s chances of winning.

“I am more and more confident in our chances of winning after the many changes caused by the pandemic at a physical level, change, adaptation and other things,”

“All clubs are a little bit messed up and the results can fluctuate in some ways which still gives us the awareness that we can also fight for the Premier League,” he continued.

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