Siva Aprilia admits want to get off from ‘sexy’ image

Indonesian beautiful model, Siva Aprilia admits that she is trying to get off her image as a ‘sexy woman’ in public.

This was revealed by a 25-year-old woman when she became a guest star on a private television Reality Show recently. She admitted that hse would slowly remove herself from that image.

“It’s true. It takes time, the important thing is the effort to be better, right,” said Siva.

Some time ago, Siva did delete one of her uploads when she was with Zack Lee. At that time, Siva was asked by her boyfriend to delete the photo.

But to release this sexy image is not because of pressure or demands from her lover, but because of her own will. The figure who was once viral because of the ‘Senggolan’ video, admits that she wants to change into a better person.

“It’s my own will not my boyfriend. I want to be a better person,” said Siva.

In fact, Siva admitted that since she not wearing sexy clothes, she felt more comfortable. But apart from that, Siva wasn’t just planning to change her image, start from changing the way she dressed.

She also started deleting several photos on her social media accounts, which she thought looked very sexy. Now, her Instagram account is only filled with ordinary photos.

“Now my Instagram accout is much better. I’d deleted the “worst” pictures,” said Siva.

Interestingly, netizens welcomed Siva’s decision to appear more introverted. Her followers even think that Siva still looks seductive even with her “ordinary” clothes.

“This one is still another favorite passing by,” commented the @andresfebi account.
“The picture really seduces me, Sis Siva,” said @ mtaufan04150693.

Furthermore, Siva can also ensure that he is not one of the models or public figures caught in cases of online prostitution.

“I’m not,” said Siva.

It’s just that, she cannot deny that she often gets messages containing “naughty” offers like that on social media.

“Yes, I saw it sometimes at DM, maybe not on purpose, but making fun of it. I don’t want to,” said Siva.

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